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Our Mission

To offer products from the leading manufacturer in portable and permanent  mounted remote controlled and handheld spotlights.

has quality assurance programs in place at all phases of design, development and manufacturing. The quality engineered into Golight products sets the standard in the industry for excellence and are backed by an unprecedented industry leading warranty program.

All lights are designed, engineered and manufactured to meet the most extreme conditions -- making a trusted name in the Marine, Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue, Industrial, Utility, Recreation and Military markets.

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Remote-Controlled Spotlight

Underground parking garages, dark driveways and crowded parking lots are full of nooks and crannies where bad guys can lay in wait. To make sure the coast is clear before you step out of your big, safe vehicle, you might want to shine a spotlight around the area. GoLight offers remote-controlled spotlights that can be plugged into a 12-volt outlet for occasional use or hardwired into a vehicle for regular safety checks and off-road adventures. They can even be mounted on your home or office building for extra security.

There’s nothing better than a really bright spotlight on a dark night on the ICW. The ability to pick up distant markers can mean the difference between running aground and getting safely through a winding channel. Golight’s new Cr5 Pentabeam lamp technology boosts the company’s line of spotlights to a new level of brightness. It combines a Philips 65-watt axial-filament bulb and a parabolic reflector, eliminates dark center spots, casts a broader spectral pattern and reaches distances of up to one-half mile. Golight’s Model 49000 Replacement Lamp puts out 400,000 candle power. Golight exteriors have a new, sleeker, all-white, UV-stabilized housing. Internally, they’re sealed to prevent water intrusion. New wireless remote controls are also available

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Thank you for visiting us at the Nashville Boat & Sport Show

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